About Perrys Custom Pianos

Sharing Our Passion

Here at Perrys Pianos the imagination knows no limits! We have always strived to offer high end restoration for both historic and modern pianos. Our vision is to spread our love of all things custom.  

Perrys Pianos employs professional craftsmen consisting of woodworkers,  artists, tuners, and french polishers.  A few of the skills Perry's Pianos  bring to piano technology include hand carving, gilding, painting, design and fabrication of new parts, custom artcase instruments and harpsichords.  Perrys Pianos has restored over 300 pianos including various forte-pianos, pianos, harpsichords, and European pianos and custom pianos. We are looking to find those special customers that have a dream to own a one of a kind custom piano built by us, here in Concord, VA. In 2000 we began designing and building a piano that was later named "The Passionata". It was built entirely here in our shop. Our engineering team can design, conceptualize, and build to your wildest imagination. Ever dream of having the worlds most expensive piano? We're the team to help you get it!

Our other passion is sharing our knowledge! We partner with local Christian school, Appomattox Christian Acadamy, to involve kids in a stem project called Draft engine. Draft Engine is a program for students in Central Virginia dedicated to teaching young men and women about all of the industrious uses of creativity. 
We are currently developing a piano design. We are drafting from board, to CAD, to product. We CNC, Lasercut, Sculpt, and 3d Print our creations and thinks of new ways to make a better world. Find out more at www.draftengine.org