Custom Pianos

If you can dream it, we can build it!

Here at Perrys Pianos, the imagination knows no limits! We have the technology and machinery to build almost anything you want! It is our desire to build the WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE PIANO! That means if you want a piano which also drives like a sports car, is amphibious, and sounds fantastic at your drag race or running event or concert, we are just the team to create it! Our engineering team can design, conceptualize, and build to your wildet imagination!

Here are just a few of the concepts our team has already designed and built for customers. 

-Illuminated case components with light changing abilities

-Fiberglass case and carbon fiber components

-Auto adjustable legs, bench, self playing and recording

-French polish finish with hand carved parts

-Custom carved art-case pianos that are hand painted, unique strings, high polish california candy automotive finish.

-Custom piano builds for two famous American piano factories and one small Nickelodian company.

-The Passionata custom piano build

-Customized Pre-Owned Steinway Pianos

-24kt gold accents 

The possibilities are quite literally endless! Our passion is truly our love for music and creating unique instruments for our customers. We're always open to new ideas and would love to hear yours!