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The Passionata Grand Piano

A Custom Piano by Perrys Pianos

The Passionata Grand Piano is a 8'2" foot Concert Grand Piano that was built from scratch here in Concord, Virginia. The Passionata at it's very beginning is a commitment of faith and love. A strong passion for warm tones and clarity of voice gives birth to an instrument so vastly profound, that it is truly one 

of a kind. Its history begins with the hard work and faith of the team at Perrys Pianos. Our strong commitment to research, design and tradition, combined with a deep love for God, are the roots of a company hidden at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Concord, Virginia. 

Mark Perry, Owner of Perrys Pianos, designed his 8'2" concert grand piano for several years. Mechanically, the instrument features a culmmination of innovative thinking and tradition based construction. The case style is "Yacht back", rather than the more typical round back. The Pianos keys are bush-less centers, leather bushed fronts, topped with ancient Woolly Mammoth ivory. The Woolly Mammoth Ivory includes a legal affidavit of origin stating that the ivory comes from Siberia, Russia, and is at least 10,000 years old. The piano weighs in at less than half of  typical piano this size, yet its plate is considerably stiffer and stronger than most. 

Tonally, the Passionata is designed to be warm and clear. The brass wound bass strings are designed to emit pure-tones, and the wire strings are scaled to sing clear with a great length of sustain. The hammers, keys, action frame, and rail are made here at Perrys Pianos. The hammers feature heavy kingswood moulding, while the keyframe, keys, and action rails are manufactured and designed for proper balance, speed and control. The overall design is to allow maximum control of the momentum, while enabling the hammers increased velocity to deliver a powerful blow, resulting in a wider color range, tone range, and volume range than most any piano available. 

The exterior of the pianos case is adorned with Amboyna burl veneer, inlaid Brazilian Rosewood palmettos and perfling lines. The olivewood found inside the piano case is a journey to the middle east, where striking dark lines and greenish brown tones tell the story of the people of Moses. The finish, which is French Polish, is applied completely by hand. In this case, it also contains Frankincense and Myrrh, to represent the gifts of the Christmas Story to the infant Jesus. 

Underneath the instrument we find the "catacombs" of the piano. Early symbols, writings, and names carefully painted on the frame of the instrument are where east meets west. Before the time of Emperor Constantine, Christianity was illegal and remained underground. This colorful history reminds us where our faith began. Our artwork draws its methods from the Orthodox church of the east, as the paint colors used are chosen from the color scheme of the rainbow, the covenant God made with Noah. Gilt areas are sized with clay and animal skin glues, representing our connection to the very creation of life where God breathed on the clay and created man. We made all our own paint from egg yolk, and crushed pigment. A method over 6000 years old, dating back to Pharoahs of Egypt. Every color, method, line and contour has a meaning. is

As we travel up the Piano to the top we see the plate, which depicts angels, passion flowers, and an empty scroll. Symbolically, it is Revelation itself. The soundboard decal is hand painted and gilt in 24kt gold in layers. The scene depicts the completion of revelation. A boy, lamb and a lion all lay together while the dove looks on from above, with the words "may the angels singing lead you into paradise."

Secretly, the Passionata speaks to the depths of one's soul. The warm gentle tones sing like the human voice, while the art uplifts the best of ourselves. It was long time dream realized. Our passion as artists, builders and woodworkers is to produce custom quality instruments. The Passionata currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisian